NOTE: We will not be accepting new volunteers until September 17, 2019 due to reduced staff and hours over the summer. Please check back with us in September if you are interested in volunteer. Thanks for thinking of us!

Romero House relies on the generosity of our many volunteers. They give their time, energy and skills to help welcome refugees.

What can I do?

Volunteers participate in a variety of tasks, programs and projects at Romero House. We try to respond to the particular skills and experience of each volunteer. The list below describes some of the tasks that we might ask you to help us with.

  • Participate in gardening, cleaning, maintenance, preparing apartments or fixing bicycles
  • Help with our monthly liturgy, holiday celebrations or fundraising events
  • Be part of running our office through becoming a receptionist; providing transport; completing forms; or helping with translation and interpretation.
  • Assist in delivering our programs such as Kid’s Club, Teens’ Group, Women’s Group, or our Food Bank or Clothing Boutique.
  • Provide babysitting, childcare, tutoring, mentoring, English conversation practice or driving or music lessons.
  • Housing: provide short-term housing for newly arrived refugee claimants. Please email housing@romerohouse.org.

The Application Process

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please email info@romerohouse.org or call us at 416-763-1303 and ask to speak to Joel. We will send you an application form to fill in. We will get in touch once we  have received your form to talk further about how you can help.

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