Welcoming as a way of life

The work of welcoming refugees is done by a small staff and by a group of interns. This work is done freely and generously, for a small stipend rather than a market salary. We see welcoming strangers, becoming neighbours, as a way of life. Many part time volunteers contribute greatly to this challenging and rewarding work.

Why we do what we do

The life and service of Romero House is animated by the gospel commandment to love our neighbour. The fundamental practice of Romero House involves living together with refugees as good neighbours. It is very different from the standard shelter model of paid counselors and social service personnel, of landlords and tenants. At Romero House, we live in the shelter of each other.



Where we are

Romero House is comprised of four houses and a Neighbourhood Centre in the west end of Toronto. Refugees live in an ordinary neighbourhood that helps them make a transition to daily life in Canada.

Who we are

Romero House is a non-profit organization named after the Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador who was martyred for his outspoken defense of human rights. Romero House was founded in 1992 to provide assistance in resettling refugees in an atmosphere of respect, with a spirit of mutual assistance, in the context of Community and Neighbourhood. Since its founding, Romero House has provided housing, settlement, and advocacy services to more than 6,000 individuals and families.