The Detained Jesus

As the Christmas season approaches and we get ready to spend time with the people we love, one brave church community in Toronto challenges us to think of the families who will not be spending this time of year together or in safety.

The provocative image of the detained Jesus in the Nativity scene of Eastminster United Church bears witness to the reality of countless refugee and migrant families who are detained in the United States at this time. It bears witness to the pre-verbal children who were separated from their parents more than a year ago and have still not been reunited. It bears witness to the lack of regard for human life and dignity that is happening right now on the USA-Mexico border.

Join us in our pilgrimage to the detained Jesus. Share this video. Make your own pilgrimage.

Members of the Romero House community featured in this video recently participated in a delegation to the US-Mexico border. To read about the situation on the border, follow our delegation here:

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