Apply to be a Worker

Romero House invites applications to its worker program from people looking for a challenging, fulfilling, and worthwhile way to spend a year or four months. You can apply for either our full-year program or our summer program.

Full-year Worker Program: September 2021 to August 2022 – will start accepted applications in fall 2020

Summer Worker Program: May 2021 – August 2021 – will start accepting applications in fall 2020

If you need more information prior to applying, please contact our Worker Program Application Coordinator (Harold Wright) at:  We can answer questions about the program or Romero House, connect you to a current worker to learn about their experience with the program or arrange a tour of Romero House. You can also learn more about daily life at Romero House by checking out our Instagram and Facebook pages.

The Application Process

To apply please send an email to to request an application form. In your email, please include a 300-word statement indicating why you are interested in the Worker Program. Please also specify whether you are interested in the full year or the summer worker program.

You will then be forwarded an application form, as well as reference forms to be completed by three referees. The deadline to return the application and reference form, for both worker programs, is January 31st.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in February or March. Interviews take place in person wherever possible, but Skype interviews are available for those unable to attend in person.

For the summer worker program, final decisions will be made by the end of March. For the full-year worker program, decisions will be made in March or April.

International Applicants

Romero House often welcomes workers from outside Canada. In recent years we have welcomed workers from the USA, the UK, Belgium, Italy, India, South Korea and Germany. Successful applicants from outside Canada will need to apply for work visas promptly after their acceptance into the program. Romero House will guide you though this process.

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