Our Services



Romero House provides services to refugee claimants: people who claim refugee status after arriving in Canada. We welcome refugees regardless of religion, ethnicity, political beliefs, sexual orientation or gender identity. In this way, we strive to create an inclusive community that celebrates difference.

Transitional Housing:

Amongst four houses, in the West Bend neighbourhood of Toronto, we have 10 apartments for refugee families. Most families live with us for the one year after their arrival, in which time they are accompanied in navigating the refugee determination process and establishing their lives in Canada.

We support our residents with every element of their settlement in Canada, and also offer social and emotional support. We also provide a variety of programs for our residents, including our Kids’ Club and Women’s Group; retreats throughout the year; and a summer camp.

Within each house, our live-in staff work with our residents to build community. We celebrate birthdays and Christmas together, and are available to each other as good neighbours. Once residents move out of our houses, they often remain part of our community and  continue to access support or engage in events at Romero House.

Walk-In Program:

In addition to the support we provide to our residents, some of our programs are also available to walk-ins: refugees who have never lived with us. Our assistance is tailored to the needs of each refugee who walks through our doors. Our weekly food bank and clothing boutique are also offered to walk-ins.

We can often help with:

  • Settlement assistance
  • Accessing Legal Aid
  • Finding lawyers
  • Accessing food banks
  • Refugee claim process
  • Accessing education
  • Clothing and furniture
  • Accessing social assistance