Our Team

This year Romero House has welcomed six workers. Together with Mary Jo, Jenn, Tembie, Ann, John and a dedicated group of volunteers, this group will be supporting and working to build the ever-growing community of Romero House.

Mary-Jo Leddy is renowned for her creative use of leftovers in making delicious meals, and her dedication to our neighborhood. She is a social activist, teacher, and writer, whose long term commitment to Romero House has formed the foundation of this community. Contact: mjl@romerohouse.org

Jenn McIntyre, our director, is a lover of cooking and eating delicious food from all over the world, listening to the CBC and exploring Toronto on her bicycle. Jenn has been involved at Romero House for many years in a variety of roles and now supports the community through both administration and community building. Contact: director@romerohouse.org

Tembeka Ndlovu, our assistant director, has a bright sense of humour and is appreciated by all in her support of the team and community. Contact: tembeka@romerohouse.org

John Nino, our Buildings and Maintenance Manager, is an energetic soul with the voice of an angel. He keeps our houses in great shape and welcomes many new refugee families to Canada with the help of his fun family. Contact: maintenance@romerohouse.org

Ann Khatter, our wonderful bookkeeper, is a bright light in our office, bringing with her a very welcome love of organizing our cluttered spaces. Contact: bookkeeper@romerohouse.org

Our workers this year come from around the globe, bringing a diverse range of academic and practical backgrounds. Each worker has dedicated years to study in the academic world and are keen to be working directly with the populations and groups of people that has inspired their commitment to a community organization. Some of the group are coming to Romero House with experience working in the business and hospitality sectors. This experience will be help to shape and grow public outreach and the organization of Romero House. Others in the group have worked extensively in volunteering and fundraising initiative planning and have had meaningful experiences living and working within organizations such as Jubilee Partners and living abroad in communities across cultures.

2019-2020 Workers:

Claire: Second Harvest Coordinator, Public advocacy (claire@romerohouse.org)

Joel: Volunteer Coordinator, Intake program facilitator, Bicycles Coordinator (joel@romerohouse.org)

Robbie: In-kind Donations Coordinator, Work Permit Clinic coordinator  (robbie@romerohouse.org)

Anika: Communications Team, Public Education Team, Kids Programming, Center Bookings Coordinator  (anika@romerohouse.org)

Sydney: Fundraising Support, Public Education Team, Furniture Coordinator (sydney@romerohouse.org)

Sayan: Communications Team, Furniture Coordination, Fundraising support, Kids Programming (sayan@romerohouse.org)

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