Pope Francis

Monday October 15th

We attended a mass led by Cardinal Chavez from el Salvador .



After, Pope Francis came into the Pablo VI auditorium for a brief audience, and imposed his blessing on Salvadorian and Latin American pilgrims. We felt truly blessed to be part of this audience. It was a more intimate and warm contact with the Pope.

Even with his security measures and bodyguards, Pope Francis walked among the people and greeted children, abuelitas, and pilgrims in general. He said that “being a martyr is being a witness of injustice, speaking up about it, and dying in the process”, and in that order there are many martyrs around us. At the end he joked asking the audience for if “payment had been render by each one of us to enter the audience” to what everyone said No; Pope Francis then asked every pilgrim to pray for him as a form of payment.

Such a special moment for everyone there.

by jhonAlva @alva43jhon

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