Oscar Romero musical

On Thursday, we attended to an Oscar Romero musical organized by the Salvadorian embassy in Rome.

There were a many artists and dancers, among them, Ines de Viaud, a Salvadorian singer who has composed many of her songs inspired in the signing of the peace process in El Salvador, and the work of Monsignor Oscar Romero as well.

Another artist was Luis Alfredo Diaz a Spanish musician who uses Oscar Romero homilies and adds music to them. He’s released a CD with his work hoping to inspire and educate new generation of Salvadorians, growing up abroad, to learn about their martyr and Saint, Oscar Romero.

Musical teaser

There was a group of Italian-Latin American girls, including one from Korea, seven girls singin in Italian and Spanish.

The common message was in line with Monsignor Romero reflections, respect for life, social justice, reconciliation and hope for a peaceful relation among human beings. Monsignor Oscar Romero legacy is spreading a cross nations, cultures, and continents.

-Text and pictures by @alva43jhon-

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