#RomeroEnRoma and a Message of Peace

We have had another day of meeting many new friends from El Salvador–thousands of pilgrims are expected to come from all over the world for the canonization. Among those thousands, we have found some amazing personal connections. Above is a picture of Diana with a women from San Salvador whose brother attends the same church as Diana in Toronto (Our Lady of Guadalupe). We met her and her pilgrim group at a bus station–they saw our Romero House buttons and we saw their #RomeroEnRoma blue hats. It is amazing how immediate connections are made when we realize we are all here to celebration Monsignor Oscar Romero.

Below will continue the reflections from our pilgrims. We gather each night, no matter how late, to reflect on the ways in which we have been touched by what we have encountered in the day. We might be tired after long days of walking, navigating the Rome transit system and meeting other pilgrims, but we are have so much to share with one another about how we have seen the Spirit moving. We look forward to sharing some of those thoughts with you over the next week.

A reflection from Romero pilgrim Winnie Muchuba: 

Life is precious, life is the gift from God, life is something that everyone has in common.

When we feel weak with different problems for which we cannot find solutions, our body reminds us that we still have to fight. Our breathing reminds us that there is someone spiritually keeping us going, and this person is our Creator. God gave us the most important thing.

No one has the right to take someone else’s life. Life is sacred.

My thought today is for all the world, but especially in places where atrocities continue to destroy lives. After hearing the Pope’s message about life at the Vatican, I am sending my prayers today all over the world where leaders are not protecting the life of their citizens.

The Republic Democratic of Congo where I am from is ravaged by the massacre of the Innocent. May God who cares for the Innocents plant seeds of peace to save the lives of people all over the world. Without peace there is no progress, without peace there is no development,without peace people lose hope and deviates from good ways. We need the human heart, we implore our God to give back human heart where people who are full of hate are dividing the World. I believe in the power of God. Don’t give up people of God, God is the same today, tomorrow and forever.

Peace be with you.

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