Meeting other Pilgrims Along the Way

Reflection from Diana Ballesteros, Romero Pilgrim:

Today following an audience with Pope Francis in St. Peters Square, we shared important and significant time with others pilgrims.  We met an enthusiastic group from San Miguel, a small town in El Salvador. They shared tokens that they had brought with them, including a poster of Oscar Romero and a button from the 100 year celebration of his birth. With them was Carmensita, a nice lady who was baptized by Monsignor Romero so long ago. She was proud that knew him very well–she told us that when he became the Archbishop, it was very difficult to start calling him “Monsignor,” as they had always known him affectionately as “Father Romero.” I felt very fortunate to meet her, as I felt the spirit of Romero was near.

After meeting these other pilgrims, we were feeling very inspired and full of reasons to find the real spiritual purpose to be here. More that being witnesses to an act of the church, we are meeting and witnessing his own people who already knew him as a saint and they maintain hope, faith and love in him. Furthermore, we are part of a moment that recognizes that “his own people” are not only in El Salvador, but all over the world.

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